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Sandra 'Sandi' Nowlan Maldonado

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Frosh Dance

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Sandi & Larry

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The Old ID Card

Job Title - Retired as Communications Director for ABC NEWS in D.C.
Current Location - New Port Richey, Florida
Telephone -

Sophomore Homecoming Attendant on Parade

Sandra left this world of pain and confusion on July 23, 2010. I hope and pray that in Heaven she will be reunited with those that have gone before her and will now finally be pain free. She will be missed by all who knew her!

8/25/2008 - We are doing some heavy-duty renovations in our home. We are taking out the wall to wall carpeting in the family room, the tile from the foyer to the family room, and replacing them with some beautiful ceramic tile. We are also painting several rooms, having a new front door and storm door added. Also we are replacing all of the windows with high-impact windows. They have an organization here in Florida called: My Safe Florida Home. You must qualify for it and have approved work done by one of their qualified installers. Then, after installation, they will reimburse up to $5000.00 of the costs. We are also painting several rooms. We are decorating our "family room" in Asian style. I have a number of Japanese objects from when we were stationed in Japan in the late '40s and early 50s. I kept collecting Asian style objects all of my life, so there are quite a few things we already have. Larry has ordered some beautiful furniture on line, which arrived in tip top shape. Pier One also has quite a collection of Asian furniture, and there are some Asian theme stores where we have purchased some beautiful things.

5/6/2006 - Larry and I are moving to New Port Richey, Florida in mid June 2006. There are many reasons for the move including: my mothers advanced age and health, our advancing ages (Larry says it is the law that retired people over 60 must move to Arizona or Florida!), as well as the fact that Larry has family there also. We found the perfect house for our needs. It has enough space for guests,� it is in a nice community, and, it has a nice big screened-in, solar and/or propane heated, self cleaning pool. It is just a few miles from my Mother and sister, Judi's, home. I am so excited to be making this positive step.

Re: grandchildren. I now have six, two from each of my three sons. Five boys and a girl. It is so nice to live close to them and be a part of their growing-up years. They are all just super kids. The oldest, Brendon Maldonado, age 11, has won the county (Calvert) spelling bee every year since the first grade. He has done the same at his school. He is very bright, some of the kids call him "the human computer"! Each of them has their own special talents. My granddaughter, Myranda, age 5, was a cheerleader for a football team last fall. She is adorable. Brendon is now a Boy Scout, just having moved up from the Cub Scouts. He has won the pinewood derby almost every year. His dad, my middle son Vince, has also won in the parent category. Vince is very involved in the scouts, soccer, baseball, and hunting (deer mostly). He is also in the Optimists Club, the American Legion, the Knights of Columbus, and so many more that I can't recall all of them. I am so proud of my sons. They are the true treasures of my life. All three, Mario (called Rio), Vince, and Mark, are the nicest guys and the most loving sons a mother could ask for.

I attended Radford in the 9th and 10th grades then Aloha and back to the DC area again. We had such fun at Hickam AFB, and at Radford. 

I have 3 sons, Mario (called Rio), Vince, and Mark, and 5 grandsons and 1 adorable granddaughter. I haven't been back yet...only in my dreams. I'd love to hear from old friends. And how about Bette Midler! I love her!

I'd love to find Ashley Brown, whom I've know since 3rd grade; also lab partner Don Woolverton from Mrs. Nolan's Biology Class. And all of the girls on the track team, especially Mary Palumbo and not to be forgotten - Rose and Leslie Togiai.

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