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The Web Master's Vacation at Kitty Hawk - 2003
SurfsUpWebBig.jpg (65267 bytes)
Surf?  Not even worth a glance
The3BearsWebBig.jpg (89348 bytes)
Forrest, Papa Bear, Justin
ClanGatheringWebBig.jpg (42931 bytes)
Ran into my long lost cousin at the Lighthouse
BearsInTheSkyWebBig.jpg (54463 bytes)
Justin & Forrest at the Top
AtTheTopWebBig.jpg (62618 bytes)
Papa Bear made it too -finally
2BearsWebBig.jpg (120358 bytes)
Looking for the swamp creatures
LittleSquirtWebBig.jpg (40553 bytes)
Justin loved that hose
FeedingTheGullsWebBig.jpg (37244 bytes)
Justin watches Nancy feed the gulls
SeetheCrabWebBig.jpg (65542 bytes)
Hands-on at the Aquarium
NancyAtTheGatorPitWebBig.jpg (84011 bytes)
Nancy at the Gator Pit
TheWholeGangWebBig.jpg (74854 bytes)
Nancy and the Crew
SoaringWebBig.jpg (26131 bytes)
Jonathon Livingston Seagull