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Dawn P. Lofink Mancini

Job Title -
Current Location - Las Vegas, NV
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Update 9/21/2010 - I lived in San Jose for 25 years until I lost my job to down sizing ....I then went to Scottsdale to work for Starwood (Sheraton) Timeshare and a year later they downsized....ugh! I worked temporarily for another company then found a job at a company in Vegas called Westgate. It's connected to Planet Hollywood and is timeshare. It's going ok...just ok!  Heaven knows there could be another move, but we will see!  I don't have an address yet but will let you know when I get one....I'm in one of our pet friendly resorts!

My last thirty-six years have been full. I graduated from Radford High School in 1964 and then completed two years of college. During this time I married, had two sons, lived in North Carolina, divorced and moved to California. All that was within the first 20 years.  The second twenty were spent raising two children, working, re-marriage, divorce and developing a great career.  This is a brief capsule of life since Hawaii 1964. I'm sure more has taken place, but of course, that would take up way too much space. In all, life has been life, but God is good. - 12/27/2000 
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