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Nancy Anne Jolley Lujan

Job Title - Accountant
Current Location - Carson City, NV
Telephone -

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  Married, divorced, 3 grown sons, 3 grandchildren, FINALLY finishing BS degree, getting old. That appears to cover it.

Update: Received BS-Accounting diploma Monday before Thanksgiving 2000, 20 years in the making; newest grandchild due late January/early February . . . Gabriel Les Lujan; eldest son and wife's first child - Dad is taking a leave of absence from teaching to raise children - thinks it is a "piece of cake" - Ha! "How hard can it be - like training a puppy." I reminded him that puppies WANT to please you. Should have pics later. Oldest grandson, Carlos, will be 16 next month; 2 younger sisters - Danelia turned 5 in August and Maya will be 3 in April. Was down in LA early November visiting with all 3 sons and family. Had dinner with classmate Lee Funn and had the chance to meet his lovely wife Sue and accomplished youngest daughter Alyson. Lee, Will Jacobson (another classmate) and I met in 6th grade at the old Aliamanu Elementary School. That old beatup WW-II barracks was condemned on the top 2 floors, but was OK ??? to house the transitional elementary school for 1 year. But the next year it was re-named into Aliamanu Intermediate, until the new structure was built. A lot of fond memories were in the walls of that old barracks. Got to get to work, legislature meets shortly and our budget is one of the first ones up. More Later.
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