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John P. Richard

Job Title - Rancher
Current Location - Wheatland, Wyoming
Telephone -

 E-Mail John P. Richard at

UPDATE (10/5/2002) I retired from 31 years in Law Enforcement in July, relocated to a ranch site in Eastern Wyoming, and am attempting to adjust to being retired.  Seems it is not something you just up and do.  It  seems more like a complicated process you grow into. The new e-mail site is: .  I will be waiting to hear from you my friend.

I attended Radford for freshman and sophomore years, then sailed away. After graduation I joined the USMC, then the US Army. Went to Vietnam in 68-69 with the 101st Airborne. Got home in 69, got a job working at Disneyland until 71. In 71 I started a career in Law Enforcement and have been in it now for 28 years. Was 2 1/2 years with a Sheriff's department, 10 years with a city Police department, and for almost 17 years I have been an Investigator for the Orange County California District Attorney's Office. I will retire in 2 years and 3 months, but who's counting. I never dated enough in school, so I got on the job training with three marriages. If I had met my current wife first, there wouldn't have been such a long learning process. I have two kids, a boy 26, and a girl 23, both from my first wife. My wife and I raise horses, on a small ranch of 11 acres, near Perris California. We don't really care for Southern California living, and will move after retirement. I have gone back once to see old Radford. I tried to obtain a copy of the 61 and 62 yearbooks, due to no longer having my copies of same.  (Anyone interested in selling a '61 or '62 yearbook?)  I had many good old friends, and a few enemies, at Radford. I regret not having any reminders of those two years. 1/2/2000



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