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Katei Holloway Faulkingham

Job Title - Nurse
Current Location - Iowa Park, Tx
Telephone -


I was in the class of '64. We got back from Long Beach the end of May '64 and I got back to Radford too late to be included in much of anything. I posted my sister's (Fay - Class of '68) email and another one for Barbara Maziarz Ward. I've had contact with a few others but they don't have email. I'm in the 61 thru 63 yearbooks in the group pictures. Started out going to Honolulu Beauty College and then worked for the House of Hino in Waikiki and Ala Moana center. When my dad retired he went to Boston......bad idea, I nearly froze to death. I then joined the Air Force in '69 and became a Comm Spec for 2 years then crossed-trained into Medic. I left the service in 1977 after a 30 month stay at Kadena AB to see what civilian life was all about. To be honest, I should've stayed in the service. Civilian life isn't what it's cracked up to be.....

These days I'm a nurse and working in long term care.  We own our home out in the county with lots of land.  My family at this time consists of me, my husband (a trucker) and 5 cats. I'm still trying to figure out how we came to have that many cats but, I couldn't possibly give even one of them up. Until four years ago we had only dogs then the last one of the dogs adopted a kitten before she passed away and the rest is history.

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