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Leroy Keau 'Lee' Funn

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Job Title - Manager of IB Express
Current Location - Saratoga Springs, UT 
Telephone - 
- Updated 8/14/2008

Updated 8/14/2008 - Lee and Suzann moved to Saratoga Springs, UT several years ago.  Lee is now the Manager of IB Express at Hill AFB in Ogden.  Lee and his son have been renovating the basement in the new house.  

Left Hawaii to continue school in "Califrisco" AM-ER-I-CA and found out how sheltered and dumb I was; didn't get any smarter so I thought the Air Force would "smarten" me up, NOT. After many, many overseas tours (none to Hawaii) and numerous battle scars from standing in long chow lines, I retired to the "Seed Capital of America", beautiful Lompoc (Lompolk! the natives get restless if you say it wrong). I started as a Support Test Manager on the Shuttle program at Vandenberg AFB until the shuttle disaster in Florida. It killed the VAFB project in less than two years. I transferred to Kennedy Space Center to continue on the shuttle project until lack of flight hardware (another shuttle) caused a massive "downsize" (hate that word) of 2500 people across KSC. For the first time since age 14 I was without a job, doing the shuffle to keep my twins and daughter in college and the rest of the tribe fed. After five months, 250 resumes, and several interviews on the east coast, I returned to VAFB were I was lucky enough to pickup a job as a contractor with Raytheon Base Supply. A year later Raytheon was out and Trend Western was in. I served as Deputy COS for three years then accepted a position with Space Mark Inc. (SMI) as project manager for the Logistics function for the Western Range contract. A year later, ITT took over the program and here I am. Fat, still dumb, but happy to be among the employed. I've been married my whole life (32 soon to be 33 yrs) to the same woman, who tells everyone that I kidnapped her from kindergarten to marry her (a few years ago it was junior high). Together we have s-i-x children (many remote tours, lots of snow, no TW and smart too late). We also have four moopunas (grandchildren). Boy I just aged another year just getting that out! Oh, one last thing, forget the high school picture. Color the hair gray, fill out the cheeks, add glasses (lost them darn contacts) and its me, fat, dumb, graying, happy, but still good looking! Well maybe I'm not that dumb.  Aloha, Lee - 8/21/99
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