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Michael Ernest Fiore

Job Title - Retired
Current Location - The Villages, FL
Telephone -

Update 2/2/2014 - So, now I have retired to The Villages in Florida. I said I had retired in 2006 but it took 7+ years to really hang it up, living in a small town like Harrisonburg and being in demand there. My wife, Pat, and I found a place we loved in The Villages, FL and fully moved there at the end of 2013. It is a very active 55+ retirement community.  I am ready to get something going for our 50th.  Drop me an email if you are interested!

Update 2/8/2008
- Son, Alex, is a freshman at JMU now. I retired from the insurance business in 2006 but I have been working as the Executive Director at our local Community Foundation (see below) since then. "We need to go to Vegas and see Bette as a group!"

Reading about all the old friends from Radford has been great fun for me. Now, I have a story that shows what a small world we live in. First, I want to tell everyone about what I have been up to. I promise, 37 years (can you believe that) in one paragraph.

I graduated from TCU (same time as Judy Atkinson, but we were no longer dating), served in the USAF, and eventually moved to Harrisonburg to work for an insurance agency (1978). My wife (married 1975) "retired" in 1989 to be an at home mom to our late in life, first and only, son. Now, she is a water color artist and he is a gangly, soon to be teenager, who loves sports. I sell insurance to area businesses. Because I live a small town, I have had the opportunity to be involved in community activities. We love our quiet life in a small town. 

Here is the Radford, "it's a small world," story. Our insurance agency merged with the second largest bank in VA, about 3 years ago. That bank was bought by a regional bank recently, BB&T. BB&T has an insurance agency. They sent their head of accounting to review our operation, about 3 weeks ago. I was on vacation when Mary Wheeler, now Peele, came in. She asked about this "Mike Fiore," but did not recognize me from my office pictures. When I got back, I was excited to hear that she had been in. I got on the phone and was happy to say hello to an old friend.. I had read her brief job description on this web site but did not put it all together until she visited. Mary is going to be writing my pay check!!! It's a small world after all (where have I heard that line?).
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This update is from the Harrisonburg and Rockingham County Community Foundation Website:

Michael E. Fiore
Executive Director

Mike was hired as Executive Director of The Community Foundation of Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, VA in 2006. As Executive Director, Fiore is responsible for overseeing The Foundation’s operations and for cultivating community support for the Community Foundation. This role includes policy development, accounting and financial oversight, donor relations, and marketing and public relations.

Prior to joining The Community Foundation, Mike spent over 30 years in the insurance industry with 28 of those being in Harrisonburg at Shomo & Lineweaver Insurance Agency that ultimately merged operations with BB&T Insurance.  While in the insurance business Fiore worked professionally with many of the areas non-profit organizations.  Because of that he is very familiar with the needs of that segment of our community.  He retired from his insurance career on October 6, 2006.

Fiore has served this community in a variety of capacities. He is a past president of the local American Heart Association.  He was campaign chairman of the 1989 United Way Fund Drive.  He served the Chamber of Commerce for a number of years culminating with the presidency.  Mike was a founding Board member of Rockingham Heritage Bank.  He has most recently served on both the Regional and Corporate Boards of Sunnyside Communities.  His interest in The Community Foundation began when he was on its first Board back in 1999.  It is Fiore's desire to give back to the community that has given so much to him by serving as its Executive Director.

Fiore lives in Rockingham County with his wife Pat and their son Alex.  "We have always loved living in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.  We knew we made the right decision the first day we moved here in 1978.  What a great community and what great neighbors," Mike has often been heard to say.  He knows that we all have to contribute in some way to keep what we are so fortunate to enjoy.  The Community Foundation has become a significant part of that effort. 

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