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Bill Grebel

Job Title - Manager, Union Pacific RR
Current Location - 1204 Chestnut Street, Halstead, KS 67056
Telephone - 316-835-2029


Updated 8/7/2007 - I was eligible to retire in 2006 but decided to wait until I was 62.  Besides, my wife of 35 years said she was not going to quit her job just because I retired.  And I'm not ready yet.  Since the last time we talked, a couple of years ago, I quit my management job and went back to the ranks of the honest workers. As a plus, I got better hours, days off, and more important, more pay and medical benefits.  I was tired of working  7 days a week and on call for 24 hours.

Air Force family then 4 years Air Force, 1 year at Cessna Aircraft, 36 years on railroad.



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