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Melanie Wilson Dickman

Job Title - Mortgage Broker
Current Location - 5303 Silver Pt Way, San Jose, CA
Telephone - 408-859-8352

I am the in-house lender for The Coldwell Banker Real Estate office in Los Gatos Melanie Wilson Dickman and have been with Princeton Capital for 12 yrs. In the business since 1985. I have three grown children that all live nearby, my daughter works for me and my oldest son has two little ones. A girl 3 and a son 1. I divorced after 32 yrs,. of marriage, We are still good friends and he lives nearby also. My life pretty much is my work. In these times, the Real Estate industry is crazy. I have been back to the Islands every year. I have been going with my company each year, to each of the Islands on the Presidents Club trip, and have had two family reunions on Maui. I have been back to Oahu twice. How disappointed I am with Waikiki. Couldn't get on base (Hickam) but did drive through Foster Village about 5 yrs. ago.  I would love to connect to some that I have lost Melanie in 2010touch with.  I did see Carolyn Leavitt (she was Home coming Queen in 1963 and was my best friend) She is a Psychiatrist there now. Carol Schnaidt is in Sacramento and we stay in touch.  Do you know anything about Farren Rossetti? I think he was in the class of either 63 or 65 I can't recall. He was a neighbor and I would love to hear about him now, I ran into Bette Midler in NY a couple of years ago. That's sounds funny, how does one run into Bette Midler? Anyway, she looked so different in person than she does on screen. Much more down to earth and normal looking.

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