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Robert Craig Stone Wight

Job Title - Architect & Attorney
Current Location - San Diego, CA
Telephone -


 6/30/2008 - Dang if I didn't pass the California Bar, 1st try. Surprised the heck out of me. That's me in the middle of the picture, getting sworn in to practice before the California Superior Court & the U.S. District Court.  Now I have to go out and get a job. 

You asked where we lived on Hickam.  The folks were over the other day so we Google Earthed it.  We were on 3rd Street, set back near the alley, in a cluster that included our house & some duplexes.  I can still see the palm trees I use to park my TR-3 between.

We will be spending a week on Maui the end of August, but won't get over to Oahu.

It was great to find this site, look at some of the old, old photos & actually remember some of my classmates & our various adventures. I was only there at Radford for senior year, moving to Hawaii from Alabama in the early summer. We were in Montgomery for only a year, after a tour in Redlands. Since California, at that time, started high school with 10th grade, I ended up going to 4 different schools for 9th thru 12th grade.

Also, yes, we did live on Hickam. I don't remember the street. It was a 2 story house not far from the O-Club. 

I recall being "The Man" in the school play - 1st on stage & killed right away & a stage hand after that. I think I was also in the French Club (built an Eiffel Tower float for home coming) & a service club that wore vests once a week.

After a less than stellar year at U of H (who knew they’d gig you for surfing & chasing (but never catching) girls instead of studying & going to class) I got one of those government job offers you couldn’t refuse. Did 4 years fighting the cold war (mostly from a super secret base in the middle of Oahu that now appears to be a housing subdivision) instead of 2 fighting the hot one. My folks had since retired to San Diego, & still live here, so I came here to continue college. Eventually earned a Bachelor of Architecture from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, & a Master of Architecture in Urban Design from UC Denver. Always returned to San Diego for vacations & summer work, so it became my home, too. After the required servitude, I opened my own mid-size Architectural office here. In the mid-80’s I met my future wife while she was out from Nashville to visit mutual friends. After several years of on & off long distance dating we wed & settled in San Diego (better weather, bigger boat). At a time when we should have been becoming grandparents, we had a son (RCSW II or R2) who is now a high school junior. I’m now a semi-retired (unbeknownst to my wife) sole practitioner. Having a little time on my hands, I attended & graduated from Law School in December, 2007, & am now considering attempting the California bar exam. We enjoy off-roading, boating, flying (full size with my dad & RC with my son), & foreign travel, but mostly we just work & try to understand how a teenager thinks.

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