Kenneth E. Trout

Job Title - Retired
Current Location - 817 Mulberry Drive, San Marcos, CA 92069
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Radford Freshman & Sophomore year.  I used to hang out with Darrell Santos, Trude Jacobsen, Pat Benedict, and others. Those are the ones that I am trying to find out what happened. I also knew Linda Benedict (Patís sister), whom my older brother and I doubled dated with Pat and Linda. I used to hang out at the fountain in NH3 (naval housing area) after school. Also over at Hickam Air Force base. I used to go to the outdoor theater and visit with a very cute girl there.Ken Trout Now

My dad was stationed on the USS Forrester. When we left there, we came here to San Diego, CA. He was stationed at NTC (Naval Training Center) where he later retired from. US Army for 7 years. Discharged in 1971 in West Germany. Moved back to California in 1976. Retired and went back to school. Presently still taking classes at Palomar College, San Marcos, CA. I'm now a widower with my 2 cats, Cleo & Snootz.
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