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John 'Smiley' Thompson

Job Title - Mechanic
Current Location - FL
Telephone -



Val Nobile '63 and Smiley

Update 3/13/2010
- "We are both still alive and well. Val still with the sheriffs office, and I retired due work slow down. Plenty of time with catch on house, grand kids, and fishing. Maybe I can learn to catch, not just fish."

As for Radford, I only went my senior year, 63-64. The mechanic work I do is on generators for the Caterpillar outfit here in Daytona. I enjoy the work and it pays the bills. Dave Denson is out in Colorado near Vail and Chuck Holmes is living somewhere near Boston. Both alive and well as of a year or so ago. Other than those two I haven't seen or heard of any one. I have been married to Val Nobile, Radford '63, for 26 years. She e-mails with Mary Gryskiewicz, Radford '65, but we have not seen her in many moons. This really is fun, I didn't know if most of the people I went to school with had fallen off the edge or what. then all of a sudden I start to hear from and about bocoo people from out of the past. we went to the turkey run at the Daytona speedway this past week end. There were over 5000 cars from the 30's 40's 50's. the whole infield was full, I walked and gawked for hours. There were even a couple of woodies in primo shape. 11/27/2000

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