Candace E. Taylor Dobbins

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Current Location - Long Beach, CA
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Got a degree from the University of Hawaii in nursing - ran track in high school and wanted to be a physical education teacher - go figure???  Married, then divorced. One child, Chloe, 33 years old - no grandchildren yet - Chloe has been married for 3 years - don't know what the hold-up is. Working as a critical care nurse and have been for the past 20 or so years. Sorry that I missed all the class reunions - have been in California for the past 22 years. Would like to see people that I knew and people that I went to school with, but did not know very well.

Candice and the L.A. Lunch Bunch.  From left side front:  Robert and Kathie Nishida, Mikki and Mike Costa, and Dennis Paresa. Right side front: Lee Funn, Candace Taylor and friend, Judy, and Mike Robertson.

Here is another picture outside the restaurant.  Left to right.  Ed Uyemuki(65 grad), Mike Robertson, Lee Funn, Mike Costa, Candace Taylor, and Robert Nishida.


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