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South Dekota Mini Reunion

Well, Tinker (Mentzer) and I (Dottie Cummins) got together for the first time in 38 years here in Piedmont, SD. And, amazingly enough, we pretty well just picked up where we had left off in 1964. Pretty cool!

I just put Tinker on the plane for Portland, OR... we had a very, very good time. I wish there would be a reunion that was centrally located on the mainland... I think it would allow a lot more people to attend.

We had a high of 107 today... that is hot... and there is a pretty good fire going about 1 mile northwest of us. I've been watching the helicopters fly back and forth to a pond with their orange buckets. Now the slurry bomber has finally arrived and we hope for the best. If it gets away from the firefighters in the national forest around here, it will be difficult to fight and there are quite a few people living up there, too. 7/18/2002