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William David 'Bill' Miller

Job Title - retired but part time consultant
Current Location - 1090 Brightwood Dr. Aiken, SC 29803
Telephone - (803) 641-9504

Update 8/3/2008 - I am currently retired, but have a consulting MillerBillNow.jpg (139016 bytes) LLC for large construction projects. Take some work when I want and pass on the rest. Spend time at the Hilton Head Condo. I am also involved with my military organization. I am the Unit Director for the 75th Airborne Ranger Regiment Association, Biet Dong Quan unit (US Army Ranger Advisors). Biet Dong Quan translates to Special Strike Unit.  It keeps me pretty busy.

Two Grand daughters and a Grandson due Sept 1st. Can't wait to spoil him.

Attended Southwestern College, Chula Vista, Ca for one year. Enlisted in the US Army, Served three years 15 mo in Germany, 11 1/2 mo Vietnam as an Advisor to Vietnamese Rangers. Married in 1969 to wife Susan and have a daughter and son. Graduated from Southern Illinois University (BS Electronics Mgmt). Worked for Underwriters Laboratories for 12 years and have worked for Bechtel for more than 20 years.

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