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Sandra Lee 'Sandi' Mickschl McEachron

Job Title - Retired
Current Location - Alameda, CA
Telephone -


Update 6/22/2011 - I am currently touching up photos for Operation Photo Rescue for families who have photos damaged in the past floods, hurricanes, tornados, etc. Love retirement and singing with my chorus HarmonyFusion (4 part harmony) Barbershop. Came back from Regional Competition with 2 medals. Got to love it.

Update 7/5/2008 - I'm doing great, still married to Norm, who is just fantastic (we recently celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary).  I've become a grandmother and my grandson is just adorable.  My little sister�s daughter is getting married next year. There may be a new baby coming soon we hope.  I�m still working at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and I�m still taking classes in VFX.  I just love this stuff especially the homework.   BTW  Marge Mello has moved to Texas and Sharon Miller has moved to New Hampshire.  I have had more email contact from Marge than Sharon.

6/23/2007 - It has been busy at school with Summer classes starting.  I�m taking classes as well.  I hope to become a VFX Artist. (STARWARS)?   I love working digitally, and created a great wall paper for my computer and digitally removing backgrounds and replacing them with something better for a friend of mine.    Having a blast.

After I graduated from Radford, our family moved back to San Diego.
SandiNowsmall.jpg (17204 bytes) There I continued on at Southwestern College towards a Fine Arts Degree (I thought I wanted to teach kindergarten). I got my first job at Rohr Aircraft, saved my money and moved into my first apartment. From there I taught roller skating every Saturday morning to about 25 to 30 kids. Finally settled down and got a good Civil Service job. Got married, had 2 boys worked full time at a local college (backstage) and started acting as well (who would have guessed). Met and worked with Tom Hanks on a play. Had a royal blast. Today I work with Grad students for the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Enjoying every bit. I also found time to sing in 2 Gospel Rock groups and Harmony Bay Chorus. For fun I still love Sci-Fi, love those Babylon 5 re-runs. It has some great philosophy. Check it out.    

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