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Libbie McMahon

Job Title - Glass Artist
Current Location - Encinitas, CA
Telephone -
Web Site -



Update 9/16/2011 - "Please use the new email address above. Getting ready for the holiday season starts now for me. Making lots of ghosts, pumpkins, new fish chimes and next? Christmas ornaments."

- Wrist is coming along well after surgery.  Well enough to start cutting and fusing glass again. I'll be working on the web site later today. It's so tedious and difficult. I really need someone who knows how to build a decent site to do something with it. Give it some pizzazz, if you know what I mean.

- Not doing much glass right now. Closed my shop and entire studio is sitting in my garage. Not much of a market for high end glass right now. The job market in So. Cal sucks big time.  Look for me on Facebook - Libbie McMahon

Just started making glass again. I had to close the shop last Feb and go back to work full time due to the economy and a couple other not so fun things going on in my life.  Long story short. I'm now living in Encinitas and loving it. Got all of my glass stuff out of storage a couple of months ago. Setting up shop in my garage temporarily until I can find a bigger studio/garage place to work. I'm working full time for Kelly Engineering Services. Back recruiting engineers again. Nice company, good people and benefits etc. Family is all good - Mom and Dad are still kicking and no one is sick.

Update 7/29/2007 -
Got a big order to make a bunch of dishes for the Temecula Olive Oil Company. Pretty soon you'll be able to see my dishes I did for them on their web site and in their catalog. This was a biggie for me.

My family moved back to the mainland in my Junior year. I finished school in the bay area. Went to college, got married, got divorced. Had a wonderful son. Finished school. Currently the proud owner of Lahaina Glass Works. A stained glass studio located in Orange Calif. Before that I worked in the Computer industry for several years. Traveled extensively through out Europe while working for Chase Manhattan Bank as a Computer Systems Trainer/Instructor. I have a Cal-25 sail boat and have been actively involved in sailing for years. Had an all women's crew for 3 years. Won several races in the Southern California area. Won an award from the Chicago Art Institute for an America's Cup poster I designed in 1983. I have a son who is a computer security engineer. He served in Desert Storm and is now living in Pennsylvania. No grand kids YET!

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