Susan McKinnon Savod

Job Title - Graphic Designer
Current Location - Diablo, CA
Telephone -


Well, it's in the book, but I got married at 19, I finished college at U.C. Berkeley after starting at U.H., and worked for a while. I have two great kids, Michael 32 and Kelly 29. I lived all over with my husband including Tokyo, Oakland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Dallas, L.A., Denver, Carmel, and eventually here in the S.F. Bay area. I had my own business as a color consultant over many of those moves. When we moved here I got very involved in building houses - I love the smell of a new house. All those years I complained about moving - who knew I was learning something! My husband and I are no longer together, but we are still business partners. I started a book club some years ago and I have been going to a painting class for 13 years now. I met the most wonderful man almost three years ago and just smile at the great life I've had.

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