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Kona's Summer of '07

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Checking out the Pali Overlook

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Kona and Mom at Dukes for lunch

6/27/2007 - I am in Hawaii right now enjoying soft breezes and fun waves.  Cyndi sold my surfboard at my request but let me tell you dude...boogie boarding 5 to 6 ft. waves is fun also.  We had a swell last week with 6-8 ft. on the south shore and it was awesome.  I was bruised but had a blast, even though some of those drops rattled my teeth and my neck.  Talk about a cervical pop or two...whoa! 
I finally looked around and realized I had about twenty years on everyone else out there except for one hard core Hawaiian dude who told me he was 59 and two years younger.  Made me feel young and invincible...for about four hours.   LOL  Later I was sunburned, aching all over and delirious with pure happiness.  Worth every push up and sit up I had to go through to get strong enough to do this but I sure took a pounding for the three days of the swell.  Man just paddling out was an endurance test.  Whew!   Check out the photos I have included and notice my left arm is bruised all over.  LOL
Anyway, brought my mother over for this trip and will be here until the 26th of June.  Thought about coming back for the jubilee but my job is in a high school and it is being held during prime crisis time.  Drove Mom to Koko Head, the Blow Hole, Kailua, The Pali Lookout and everywhere.  Photos pretty much explanatory.


Kona & Nanny at Moana 6-17.jpg (121406 bytes)

Kona and Mom at the Moana

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Bruised but happy

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