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Herb Kahikina

Job Title - Retired
Current Location - Indianapolis, IN
Telephone -

 Herb Kahikina email address

I attended Radford High School from September 1960 to June 1963, I played Football, Basketball and ran Track. My family moved to Moloka'i July of 1963. I attended Moloka'i High School from September 1963 to June 1964, where I played Basketball. I then did Military service till August 1970. I returned to Honolulu, got married and moved to Indiana June of 1974. I am now retired and have taken up playing the most frustrating game of golf. I am a member of the Killbuck Golf Club, "Mens Club", I carry an 11 handicap card. I live 40 miles northeast of Indianapolis in a little town called Anderson.

I don't understand why I'm not in the photos for the Fooball and Track Teams. The only explanation would be that I was prone to drop everything I was doing when the call came, "SURFS UP". I surfed Rock Pile and Poles at the entrance to the Alawai Yacht Harbor. Coach Velasco and Coach Alegre had very little patience me...I paid dearly for my obession. We surfed Ewa Beach and all the spots along the coast to Yokohama Bay just pass Makaha and before Kaena Point.

Well maybe someday soon we can sit on the sand waxing our boards as the Sun slowly rises taking the chill out of the air and warming our souls. Conditions would be six to eight feet, slight off shore breeze, and glassy. Sorry! I just went off some where in my head.

Candice Taylor ('63) and her brother Justice (not sure what year) lived 5 doors down the street from me in Aliamanu Terrace, Bill Watson ('63) lived across the street from them. Just around the corner past Bill's house was the residence of the Soon family, they produced two fine RHS quarterbacks, William Soon, Jr. ('64) and his younger brother Charlie (not sure what year). The Medeiros brothers, Craig ('64) and Riley ('65) lived one street down the hill from my house. Riley and I had a unique way of communicating. We would whistle to get each other's attention; then we would use hand signals either left or right - left to Gayle Crane's ('65) house in Halsey Terrace - right to Errol Paikai's ('65) house, one block over.

I would appreciate hearing from any classmates from RHS.
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