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Barbara Lee 'Babs'  Herman Wilbourne

Job Title -
Current Location - Austin ,Texas
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Update 6/20/2009 - I am now single and living in Austin TX and enjoying my "artistic" side with my oil painting and jewelry designing.  Look for me on Facebook - Barbra Lee Herman Wilbourne.


One of my recent oils...

Corsican Fall 2008 by Barbra Lee Herman Wilbourne

After a wild summer in '64, I went off the "rock" to the mainland to college and came back as fast as possible!!  Missed it too much & still do to this day.  Just can't get the sun, sand and surf out of my soul. Married a young naval officer 38 years ago and have been blessed with a beautiful daughter, granddaughter and grandson. If any of you have a home for sale on the beach ...just let me know....Aloha...Babs - Class of '64

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