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Randy Cook

Job Title - Retired
Current Location - Bristol, TN 37620
Telephone -


4/15/2011 - I'm Randy Cook. Would have graduated Radford in 64, but my dad was transferred back to DC at the end of my junior year. Have many fond memories of Radford. Ran track, was co-captain of the team 62-63. Loved Mr. and Mrs. "V", Mrs. Nolan, Mr. Kimura. Great people, wonderful teachers. My wife Nancy and I are retired in Bristol, TN. We met here as students at King College, both graduated with BS degrees in physics, spent careers as civil servants working for the Navy and DoD. Toward the end of my career, I lived a total of a year (2 months a year for six years) at Navy ice stations drifting around in the Arctic Ocean doing (whatever). Fascinating to see my sophomore and junior year homeroom photos. Whose yearbook was that? I noticed I signed the Sophomore photo.... Thanks for taking the trouble to set this all up. I don't know why, but sitting at the laptop tonight, I wondered about Radford, went to the school's site and found your 64 site info.
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