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Dennis J. Callahan

Job Title -
Current Location - 5617 Del Park Ct., Virginia Beach, VA 23455
Telephone - 757-473-3846


Update 8/24/2014 - I'm unable to make the reunion...timing isn't right for me as I'm going up to New Jersey to see my brother Mike.
I am retired from teaching at least for the near future. I expect that once Mike gains his health back he'll be moving down here to Virginia Beach. After getting him settled, I'll decide whether I want to remain retired or work part time at something I working at a golf course ....thanks for maintaining the Radford Wed are truly the WEB MASTER...

After graduating from Radford High in 1964 I returned to the States and worked for a few years at Westinghouse Defense and Space Center in Baltimore, MD. In 1966 I found myself in the U.S. Army and soon was on my way to Vietnam in 1967 thru 1968. Fought with "Task Force Oregon" (soon to be the Americal Division) and returned to Vietnam in 1970 with the 1st Cavalry Division where we moved into Cambodia. Yes, I was a grunt!!! Spent a few more years in the Army with tours of duty in the Far East (Okinawa and Japan). In 1977 I got out of the military (I was tired of digging foxholes...)and returned to school where I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland and graduate studies at the University of Baltimore. Earned my commission in the United States Navy and traveled to Europe and spent my last tour of duty in the Philippines and helped evacuate military and civilians after the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo...I retired from the Navy and am currently teaching while working on my Ph.D. at the University of Virginia. It's been an which I wouldn't change for the world. Would love to hear from any of my classmates and any Vietnam Veterans.
Robin and Dennis Callahan
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