John Thomas Blamey

Job Title - Painter - Banker, Retired
Current Location - 75 Ledges Circle, Waldoboro, ME 045732
Telephone - (207) 832-7761


After graduating from UH in 1968, spent 20 years in the Air Force as an aircraft maintenance officer. Retired in 1988, and entered banking on coast of Maine. Retired from banking on April 1, 2000 to follow another dream, painting. I'm married with one daughter who now lives in Boston area.

Blamey wins Waldoboro selectman seat 

WALDOBORO (Jan 8, 08): John Blamey won the six-month selectman seat at Tuesday's polls, surpassing his opponent's votes by a wide margin. Blamey garnered 224 votes to candidate Thomas Murphy's 109 votes, according to Town Clerk Linda Perry on Tuesday.
Sunset on Boyleston Street
by John Blamey
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Blamey, 61, retired from the U.S. Air Force as a lieutenant colonel after 20 years of service and is a retired vice president of the First National Bank of Damariscotta.

"My 20 years in the military, 11 years at The First, and three years as chair of the Waldoboro Recreation Committee have provided me with a broad experience in dealing with change, transitions, and fiscal planning both in government and the private sector," he said. "In addition, chairing the Lincoln County Weed and Seed Coalition has given me valuable experience in working with local law enforcement agencies to tackle crime and violence issues affecting both our community and the county."
"I would like to put these skills to work in helping our new police chief and town manager continue to keep Waldoboro the great community that welcomed me in 1970 when my wife, Pam Krah, and I were married here."

"I'm showing at the Tidemark Gallery in Waldoboro, ME."
BlameySlaigoBrookSM.jpg (142701 bytes)
Slaigo Brook by John Blamey
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WALDOBORO, Maine -- A series of recent oil paintings and sketches by local artist, John Blamey, are currently on display at the Waldoboro branch of The First National Bank of Damariscotta.

After completing careers in the military and banking, John is following his life-long interest in art. He began his study of oil painting in 1990, but until 2000 he did not have the opportunity to devote his full efforts to the medium. John’s representational paintings focus on landscapes and still life subjects. In discussing his art, John says, “My goal is to capture the emotion of a moment in time and communicate it to the viewer.”

Blamey’s art exhibit has special meaning to the employees and customers of the Bank, as it allows them to see what has kept John busy since retiring from The First in March of 2000. A rotating selection of John’s paintings and sketches will be on display at the Waldoboro branch of The First through December 21st.



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