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Morna Jean Baker Rea

Job Title - Painter
Current Location - Bainbridge Island, WA
Web Sites -,


7/12/2012 - Latest News from Morna.  "I'm on an island in the Puget Sound and it is beautiful.  Cell phone reception is very spotty, though.  That's about the only drawback.  I closed my jewelry store about two years ago. After 40 plus years in retail I had grown weary of being tied to it. Plus, the "recession" was making it much less fun to be in the luxury gold jewelry business.  I've been real lazy since then, catching up on a lot of authors I hadn't read, sleeping when I'm tired and waking when I feel like it!  I don't advise anyone to take a long time off, if they want to get back on the treadmill again sometime.  Laziness is very habit forming.

"Only my son has married so far, with no grandchildren from any.  I'm running behind most of our peers, since I didn't start my family until I was 35.  I've done a few more paintings, concentrating on animal portraits.  I love doing paintings. Ideally, I'd like to do commissioned pet portraits now, and am slowly (very slowly, laziness again) coming up with a marketing plan.  Have you heard anything about a 50th reunion being considered by our friends?"

Update July 5, 2009 - My son got married this summer in Yosemite, CA where his sister Sarah works. I opened my new jewelry store, Gold Treasury, in the winter of 2006 in the same building as my Fairhaven Sweet Shoppe at 1102 Harris Ave, in Bellingham, WA. (Still no email or web site for her business.)

Update July 21, 2008 - Morna moved her businesses from Sonora, CA to Bellingham, WA in 2006.

Morna is the proud mother of 3 grown children, 2 daughters and a son.

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