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All the News from Cricket/Kona!

6/4/2002   Bought myself a new Audi A4 and am having a blast zipping around in it. Gave up the BMW because it hurt my back on even medium length drives and the Audi has these heated electronic seats with spinal support. My mother found it difficult to scrunch down into the BMW but loves the Audi so we are all happy campers. It is such an “unassuming” little car…with mega power that makes ya think you are in the cockpit of a jet. I know…I know…I sound like an adolescent…well…I guess in some ways I still am…and proud of it.  They take your photograph just in case you forget to pay their ridiculous prices.

My plans are in the works to return to Hawaii this summer, but the best-laid plans may not come to fruition. I am also in the middle of a major work reorganization, tearing my house apart for redecorating, and my son just had twins (err, his wife did). I have so much on my plate that I am enjoying and or dealing with my departure is still up in the air. I was to leave on July 1 so I wouldn’t miss my July 4th in Hawaii but I had to push it back to July 8th due to commitments as “grandma-in-residence.” I still have trouble seeing myself as a grandma of six but what the hell…it works. Since I only have two married kids I imagine when the other three marry I could wind up with at least 6 more grandchildren. (That is each having the currently fashionable two.) It is mind blowing the whole idea of being a grandmother of 12 or more…Wow. 

I am also folding up da corporation. The school district has asked me to become an employee and set up a social services department within the district and put my web page on their server. It will mean a lot less work for me paying bills, salaries, etc. and I am getting a hefty raise to do this. All of my employees will be “assimilated” (sounds like the Borg from Star Trek are taking us over) and we all get nice pensions and that kind of crap. I don’t need a pension but my folks will eventually and it is the best deal for everyone. I love what I do and wouldn’t change school districts so it is a logical step. The thing I love about working in a small town is you get to know everyone and they get to know you…even if they haven’t met you yet. So, when a problem comes up…the parents already know me by reputation and it moves interventions along much faster. But the best part is I get to watch whole families change, I see kids graduate and come back, and having the continuity is so much more professionally satisfying. My friends who are still in private practice hate what they do for the most part, primarily due to managed care limitations. I am fortunate enough to see the impact of my work over the long haul. It is kinda like raising your own kids and being thrilled at their success. 

I am also determined to finish the book I have been writing for what seems like forever. I think I keep revamping the thing to avoid rejection but what the hell. It shouldn’t kill me. 

My daughter Donna finished her first year of law school, Brad is on the Dean’s list again and still plans on writing video games for the rest of his life, Craig has now decided to go to law school as well, Cathy is running an agency in Dallas (she is a therapist also) and Blake is having mucho babies and becoming quite well known for his specialty in maritime law. Sounds like I probably won’t have to worry about being bored when I retire…if I ever retire.  

Oh, and one other thing. I am starting on my Ph.D. this fall. I don’t watch TV much and get bored easily soooo…I thought…cool I will go get it and teach at the college level when I am ready to retire. (Didn’t you think that college Prof.’s looked retired? I did.) So, I am a busy and very happy camper. Guess that brings ya up to date, huh.